Day Seven - How Goals Can Help You Boost Your Confidence


Let’s talk about goals and how they can help you boost your confidence. Goals help in many areas of our lives.  They help us get more done.  They can help us move forward more quickly in life, work, or school more quickly. Not only that, they also force us to think about what we want, break it down into actionable items, and set a deadline.

With SMART goals like that in place, you’ll be making substantial progress in no time. That in turn will give you a big boost in confidence. As a result, the  confidence that you gain  is all you need to get the courage to tackle your next set of goals.

Let’s look at this process a little closer. The first step is to determine what you want. What is your specific goal going to be? Notice that I said specific.

Wanting to lose weight, get in shape, or having a lot of money in the bank are a starting thought, but not a real goal. If you don’t know how much weight you want to lose, you don’t...

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