Day Six - Focus On What's Important to You

Day SIX – The Confidence Challenge

Focus On What’s Important To You

Having a good reason to be confident, brave, and courageous can be a huge help. We’ve already looked at how reflection, gratitude, and even doing the things you’re scared of helps you do them anyway and how it starts to build this habit of being courageous and confident.

Today I have another helpful concept to share with you. We make time for and work on the things that are important to us. We can use that concept to our advantage when it comes to courage and self-confidence.

In other words, I want you to start creating these new habits by focusing on what’s important to you. It’s much easier to work on courage and increase self-confidence with tasks that you enjoy and that have meaning to you. Don’t worry about feeling like you “should” do something. That can come later. For now, let’s start with what you’re passionate about.

Let’s say that...

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Day Five - Pick Something You’re Scared Of And Do It Anyway

confidence courage fear Jul 19, 2022

So far a lot of what I’ve shared in The Confidence Challenge has been mostly mindset stuff. Don’t get me wrong, that’s important and I will continue to share more throughout the Challenge. But there’s also something to be said for simple, actionable tips or “confidence hacks”. That’s what today’s blog post is all about.

It’s simple and something you can, and should do today. While it’s simple, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. The idea is to pick something you’re scared of (or worried about, or putting off because you’re not sure you can do it) and do it anyway.

I challenge you to start doing this today and then continue it as often as possible.    Going forward, you should be doing something that scares you several times per week.

Obviously, what you pick to do will be very individual and different from person to person. That being said, it helps to look at some ideas to get...

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Day Four - Start By Looking Back And Seeing How Far You’ve Come

In spite of those areas where you struggle, do you ever look back and acknowledge all that you have done? Taking time to reflect can make all the difference.

Realizing how far I’ve come and how much I can actually accomplish (when I put my mind to it), is always a HUGE confidence booster for me. Just realizing that I have done it, encourages me to try again.  (Surely, if I can do it once, I can do it again...right?)

I’m sure it’s no different for you.

To be honest, there’s a lot each and every one of us have done over the past few days, weeks, and even years that we can be proud of.

Yet we often don’t see it.

There always seems to be so much left on the to-do list and to be perfectly honest, the stuff we didn’t do, or the things we failed at often stand out much more than our successes.  Can I truly be honest here, when I failed, I often threw in the towel, and didn't want to attempt that task again.

It’s time to change our...

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Day 3 of the Confident Challenge – Courage Is A Habit

confidence courage Jul 17, 2022

In yesterday’s post, we talked a little about the relationship between courage and self-confidence. One aspect of that was that we can use courage and doing things that scare us a little to boost our feeling of self-worth and confidence. I called it, “The Cycle of Doing the Courageous Thing”.  In other words, we can increase self-confidence by being courageous or doing something that takes a little courage more often.  

We must begin to see courage as a habit. It’s something that’s completely in our control and a habit we can cultivate. All it takes is a little awareness and the drive to make it happen. We just need to shift our beliefs and put action behind it.  

Over the course of this 15 day challenge, it is a great time to do that. If you can take small steps towards courage every single day for the remainder of this challenge, you’ll be well on your way to creating this new positive habit – while building...

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Day 2 -The Connection Between Self Confidence And Courage

confidence courage Jul 16, 2022

Today let’s take a look at the connection between courage and self-confidence. Trust me, there’s an important reason why we’re exploring this idea so early on in the challenge. Take a moment to think back on a time when you were scared to do something but you gathered up your courage and did it anyway.

Maybe it was walking away from a bad situation. Maybe it was working through a problem that seemed impossible at first glance. Maybe it was overcoming a fear of yours, facing it, and coming through ok at the other side. Maybe it was overcoming a big physical or mental challenge like running your first 10K race or acing a big exam. It doesn’t matter what it was, as long as you think of something that took courage to do.

Think about how you felt after you did whatever that courageous thing or act was. It felt pretty amazing, didn’t it?

Maybe you were a bit exhausted from the effort, or relieved that you did make it through to the other side. Mostly though,...

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