Pastors Tony and Melodie Boone Have A Passion for Empowering and Supporting Pastors and Spouses of Small Churches

Whether it is navigating the pitfalls of the revolving door in a small congregation, or managing the ups and downs of membership engagement or counseling pastoral couples who are ready to throw in the towel because ministry just didn't turn out the way they thought it would, the Boones want to offer a sacred space that will nurture and support Pastoral couples - no matter what you have gone through.

With over 35+ years in church leadership and over 25+ years in pastoral ministry, they have journeyed through a myriad of life experiences. Whether carrying the weight of heartbreaking grief (they have lost three children), betrayal, loss, or feelings of rejection in ministry, or rejoiced in the mountaintop successes of church growth and spiritual growth in the church's membership - the Boones have survived and flourished with small congregations.

They want YOU to know that you can too.  You don't have to feel alone or discouraged because membership can't break the 300 mark - well...let's be TOTALLY honest...some of us have struggled breaking the 100 member mark. And can we just admit, there are times when we just want those 50 active members to show up consistently.  

Ministry can discourage you, especially when you compare your church to the mega-church down the street.  Know that the Boones are here to help strengthen and uplift you to a place of rest and renewal - and that place is called The Sacred Conclave.  

It is their prayer, that you will allow them to journey with you.

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You Don't Have to Endure the Journey Alone!

Supporting you on the Pastoral journey is why the Boones are here.  Let them support you through the highs and lows of ministry. When you feel like the marriage is over or the members of the church are warring against you, the Boones promise to lead you to a place of renewal, recommitment, and support - no matter what you are facing. 

Ministry can overwhelm you and there may be days you want to give up - BUT DON'T! At The Sacred Conclave, you have a support system that is transparent, supportive, and confidential! The Sacred Conclave is your sacred space where you can rest and be restored to ministry - and each other.

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Masterclasses and Q&A Sessions

Monthly Masterclasses offering you dynamic teaching in a variety of topics. Get the information you need to support you as you pastor and manage your small but thriving church!

Mentoring and Emotional Support

Need to find support? Do you need someone to listen? To help you work things through?  Find clarity and understanding. There is help in the Sacred Conclave!

Masterminds, Retreats, Summits, and Getaways

We will be coming together to give you access to key leaders who have been there. They will pour into you and give you tools to be successful in ministry and life. 

Let The Sacred Conclave Be a Place of Renewal and Refreshing as you Journey Through Ministry


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