Melodie Boone

Vision Strategist and Creativity Coach

Writing and Publishing

Monthly Masterclasses will be offered highlighting subjects from church membership, leadership, family, finances marriage, and church management.  


Both One-on-One and Group Coaching will be available along with Mentoring for those Pastors and Spouses who need that personal service.  

Retreats and Masterminds

Leadership Retreats and Masterminds will be scheduled throughout the year for members to come and get support, insight and spiritual impartation.

Supporting Pastors & Spouses of Small Churches

In spite of hurts and disappointments in ministry, Pastor and Spouses - and their ministries -  can still flourish. After betrayal and scorn, they CAN begin again and find renewal and refreshing. They will find solace and fellowship in The Sacred Conclave; Supporting your journey through the ups and downs of marriage, ministry, and family, financial hardships, and plain old "ministry weariness" is the primary goal of The Sacred Conclave.  We want to be there to support and encourage you!

You Can Have the Support You Need!

If You Are A Pastor and/or Spouse of a Small Church, Join The Sacred Conclave! There You Will Find Relevant In-Depth Teaching, Transformative Coaching, and Transparent Mentoring. Help and Support Is Available To Help You Flourish as a Pastoral Couple!

Empowering You To Serve Through the Highs and Lows of Ministry

Serving your local church can be strenuous and taxing on your marriage and family life.  Let the Sacred Conclave be the place for you to deal with the weight of ministry; to fine tune your vision and deal with the hurt and pain that often accompanies ministry.  The Sacred Conclave is a sacred space where you can gain strength to reconnect and flourish as a pastoral couple.

"The pastoral call is one with unique challenges and rewards. The toll that ministry takes on ministry couples require that we have a safe place of healing and restoration. It gives us great delight to offer our support of Pastor Tony & Rev. Melodie Boone and their ministry to pastoral couples. The commitment they have demonstrated for marriage, family and ministry have equipped them for this Sacred work. We encourage ministry couples to drink deeply from the refreshing well that is found in the Boones. "

Bishop Johnathan & Dr. Toni Alvarado
Grace Church International, Atlanta, GA

"I count it a privilege to endorse The Sacred Conclave. This ministry, led by Melodie and Tony Boone will refresh, renew, revive, restore, repair, and will be a reinvigorating experiences to guide pastoral couples through the ups and downs, hurts and disappointments of marriage with a resource of deliverance and healing. The Sacred Conclave will serve as a powerful resource to the survival of the black pastoral family with empowerment, enlightenment and encouragement. Without reservation, and with my full endorsement, the Sacred Conclave will serve the ministry of pastoral marriages as healing for the church."

Reverend Dr. Joan Wharton, Pastor
Pastor of Hemingway Temple AME Church, Baltimore, MD

"Pastors Melodie and Tony Boone have been uniquely gifted to empower and uplift those within the Body of Christ. And now they have been positioned by God to bring forth healing, supportive care, and restoration to so many others. For this reason, I give my full commendation and endorsement to The Sacred Conclave. This safe haven of renewal is so needed and vital for effective holistic pastoral care. Ministry can be filled with ups and downs, joys and disappointments, triumphs and even betrayals. However, what a blessing there is in knowing that we as leaders can have a place of solace where we will be encouraged, restored, and rejuvenated. The hand of the Lord is truly upon these Pastors in revolutionizing the methods of effectively navigating the tedious journey of pastoral leadership."

Bishop Anthony L. Jinwright Presiding Bishop
The Father’s Council Covenant Ministries Charlotte, North Carolina

"Congratulations to you and your husband on the launch of “The Sacred Conclave.” Many pastors and their spouses are reasonably mature, healthy persons. There are, however, specific health hazards in the ministry against which every minister needs to develop strategies of defense. Your mission to help pastoral couples overcome the hurts and disappointments in ministry is much needed. You and your husband bring to the table personal experiences in how to confront brokenness and move through the process of being made whole. It is my prayer that this ministry will serve as a healing balm for pastors and spouses who have encountered battle scars. The application of biblical and spiritual principles will provide for the wounded fresh insight into the path forward. May the Lord pour His anointing upon you and Pastor Tony for the work ahead. "

Reverend Dr. Lee P. Washington
Retired Pastor, African Methodist Episcopal Church

"Pastors and Spouses of Small Churches will definitely benefit from The Sacred Conclave, which will offer MINISTRY beyond the walls of the Sanctuary to Pastors and Spouses of small churches through the challenges of pastoring in today’s world. This coaching and mentoring platform that will certainly enhance Kingdom building. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFTS! May God bless you and Reverend Tony D. Boone."

Presiding Elder Chester W. Morris
Presiding Elder of the Norfolk Eastern Shore District, Second Episcopal District, AME Church

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