Writing and Publishing Program

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book and getting it published? Publishing a book can be pretty intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! When you invest in our Publishing Program, you can guarantee that getting the book done will be the priority. No matter what stage you are in, we can help you get to the finished product. You can literally have a book in your hand in a matter of weeks…depending on how dedicated you are to the writing process.

Get the dedicated support you need to walk you through the various stages. From the initial brainstorming session to tweaking the second or third draft…to choosing your publishing options to mastering the minefield of Amazon…you can get that book done in a professional and efficient way. 

We hope that you will allow us to be a part of your publishing dream. From start to finish, we can help you get the book of your dream in your hands. We offer three unique packages that will help you navigate your publishing path! We also offer publishing workshops several times during the year!

Phase 1  – The Writing Phase

Brainstorming Your Topic

Creating a Complete Writing Outline

Detailed Writing Schedule

1 – 60 Minute Coaching Call

Phase #2 – The Editing Phase

Basic Writing Package

Writing the First Draft

Read It, Edit It, Polish It!

3 – 60 Minutes Coaching Calls

Phase #3 – The Publishing Phase

Make the Decision – Traditional vs. Self Publishing

Mastering the Traditional Path

The Book Proposal & the Writing Conference

Mastering the Self Publishing Path

Mastering Amazon

The Important Website

Mastering Marketing and Self Promotion

3 – 60 Minutes Coaching Calls

Writing and Publishing Program





Writing and Publishing Package

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Get the support you need to walk you through the various stages from the initial brainstorming session to tweaking the final draft of your book.

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