Wishing for Change…Won’t Change Things

The importance of action is critical for success


Have you ever wished for change?  Have you ever sat back in your chair, frustrated and exhausted, and just wanted things to be different?  You may not want to admit it, but wishing that things would be different is something that you do every day.  And let’s be honest, it probably happens daily in the lives of many others.

Needing change, wanting change…those feelings overwhelm us when things just aren’t going well.  When we are forced to face a crisis, the hunger for change begins to gnaw at us. The need to make things different only supports the reality that things aren’t different.  So that hunger for change can catapult us into sorrow, depression, and even despair if we aren’t careful.

And there is nothing worse than despair hijacking our dreams and desires.

I know that there have been days, I sat in my kitchen wishing that there was more money for my family or even more time to do what I wanted or needed to build my coaching business.  There is nothing wrong in wishing that I was further in my career or that the financial challenges that my family faced were nonexistent. But here is the essence of it all.  Once you begin to wish instead of taking action to initiate change, you can find your way tumbling down the rabbit hole of faithlessness and worry.

We all wish that things could be different.  We all wish for change.

Wanting to do, to become, to initiate, to launch, to dream is wonderful…but wanting it, or wishing for it IS NOT enough. You must commit to birthing your desires and do the work that it takes to manifest them.

All you have to do is start doing…get up early, work late, write, plan, build, motivate, activate, design, teach, create, even rest (if your wish is to have a healthier life!).  Stop wishing that things will change. Stop wishing that things were different…just do the needed work that will open up doors of opportunity.

Just start doing…and WATCH God! The world is waiting on you!


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