Stay Faithful to the Task

I have struggled to be faithful here on my blog and even how I have managed my other social media accounts. I have embraced FB Live and have shown up 2X a week, engaging friends and viewers with what I hope is an encouraging word of empowerment and inspiration.

But in connecting with the “world” in the blogosphere, it takes a lot of work that feeds off of creativity and consistency. My creativity has been hiding, due to stress, concern, lack of accountability just pure laziness.

It is A LOT to show up twice a week, produce a weekly radio show (WDRBMedia, Tuesdays at 1:00pm), blog faithfully, work the business, finish writing/editing my recent book, create and polish my signature program for Church Leaders, and be a wife and mother.

To say overwhelm, is to say things lightly, but if I am going to take my coaching/writing business to the next level, I MUST kick some things into gear. An awesome Woman of God, once coached me and said, to make it today, you must “work your butt off” and I now understand what she was trying to impart to all of us sitting around that conference room in the wee hours of the morning.

Do whatever it takes, (i.e., start over, refresh, rededicate, focus, strategize, whatever…) to make it work. Just stay faithful to the task.  Show up. Do the work and know that your blessing is waiting on you. Your breakthrough is waiting on you. You just have to #getitdone.

That is what I have decided to do.  Work really hard, show up and get the work done.  Writing is one of my stronger gifts and I just have to show up daily and just do it.

Whatever you are facing that is hindering you from completing your tasks, confront it.  Assess it, then see what changes need to be done (in you!) so you can be more productive.

Just stay faithful to the task. If you decide to do so, I know that your life and business will never be the same.



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