Pursue Your Dreams, No Matter What You Are Forced to Confront!

This quote by Walt Disney says a lot on its own…but really look “beneath” the quote and see the real essence of what is is REALLY saying!!

All your dreams can come true, IF we have the courage to pursue them. That’s good but let’s look deeper…this camel is walking across a desert…many of us would give up, because it’s hot, dry and we would be thirsty! We all could come up with excuses while we couldn’t move forward.  We would want to go after our dream but if you’re like me, we would end of complaining. Reasons why we should quit would try to convince us that there wasn’t any good reason to move forward.

But the camel teaches us a valuable lesson. He is prepared for this hard and arduous journey. He is equipped to confront the heat and his outside circumstances and he is pushing through…anyway.  He is pushing through and adverse situation (and location) because he has a mission to fulfill. And, his body has prepared itself and is already equipped to confront the thirst that he knows he will have to deal with. So we should do the same!!!

Don’t allow your outside circumstances to derail your pursuit of your dream. PREPARE yourself and your body for what may have to confront. Will you complain with those circumstances aren’t favorable to you?  Will you come up with reasons why you can’t do, what you know you are equipped to do?  Don’t allow any one of these outside conditions to derail or cancel your journey toward your dream being fulfilled!

What you need is already on the inside of you to get you to where you are going!!! The camel’s body has hooves equipped to walk through the sand, a body that can tolerate the heat and the onslaught of a sand storm and water stored in its humps to combat thirst.

Whatever you have to face, have the courage to move forward anyway.  Your dream will be worth the effort, sacrifice and the necessary courage to make your dreams come true!!!!!

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