Master Your Temperament

Success will ONLY come when you do!

I had the awesome opportunity to attend 7 Days of Glory in the DMV (the District, Maryland and Virginia.) It was a week of spiritual empowerment and coaching. What a life changing week for me!

 As I listened (and took copious notes) as our facilitator, Master Coach and Pastor, Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn preached, taught and coached us about embracing the presence of God, mastering our mindset and temperament, and effective leadership. Right in the middle of a coaching class, I had a light bulb moment. If my coaching and consulting business was going to shift to another level, I had some introspective work that had to get done.  I could dream, plan and even work hard. But if I was going to have the consistent growth and success that I dreamed of, I was going to have to make some drastic changes in how I managed my temperament.

In my book, Fearless, I wrote “there is some personal work that only you can do”.  This “personal work” may be difficult. You may have to dig deep and evaluate who you are, where you are, how you interact with people, and even how you manage your time. But the fact is, only you can do the work of personal change. I am so grateful that I found the strength to deal with the loss of my daughter and move towards birthing my dream in spite of having a broken heart.  Grief can derail you if you let it.  I allowed it to derail me for a while. But I pushed past the pain and began to build a growing coaching practice, enrolled in some training courses and devoured new ways to do business.

But now, I realized I would have to deal with another huge hurdle – my temperament.

Bishop Vaughn did an in-depth coaching session on the Open Four Temperaments. As she taught, I realized that I am a sanguine –a creative, charismatic who loves people,  has big dreams, a lot of big plans but finds it difficult to finish tasks. (I really need to work on my follow through.)  I’m easily distracted, a good worker but not good with time management. (I could have cried if I wasn’t shaking my head in agreement as she coached the class.)

With all the coaching and spiritual impartation that she shared, I had a huge revelation.  God was NOT going to “make this go away” no matter how hard or how long I prayed.  I would have to MASTER my temperament and work on confronting those negative traits that had the potential to hinder my personal growth and business success.

She compelled us to “Master It!”  And that is exactly what I am going to do.  I will confront my time management issues and my tendency to not follow through.  And I will make a vow to myself that I won’t go to the next project until I finish working on the current one. (No more online programs until I finish the current one!) And I must learn to manage my time better, by USING tools designed to undergird my time management.  I just may design myself one!  (But that is another project…another BIG IDEA…LOL).

What about you?  Do you know your dominant temperament?  Are you a choleric? A melancholic?  A phlegmatic or a sanguine, like me?  Until you understand “what makes you tick” and why you do the things you do, you will never be able to grow and be your best self.

I feel like a 2-ton boulder is FINALLY off my shoulders.  (Thank you Bishop and THANK YOU, LORD!!!!)

I want you to have that breakthrough too! Confront those challenges and strive to be the best person you can be. Below I posted a link for a temperament test.  It will only take about 10 minutes! Find out what is your dominant temperament and then MASTER IT! Success will only come when you do!

Wishing you much success,


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