Stay Faithful to the Task

I have struggled to be faithful here on my blog and even how I have managed my other social media accounts. I have embraced FB Live and have shown up 2X a week, engaging friends and viewers with what I hope is an encouraging word of empowerment and inspiration. But in connecting with the “world” […]

Pursue Your Dreams, No Matter What You Are Forced to Confront!

This quote by Walt Disney says a lot on its own…but really look “beneath” the quote and see the real essence of what is is REALLY saying!! All your dreams can come true, IF we have the courage to pursue them. That’s good but let’s look deeper…this camel is walking across a desert…many of us […]

Gifted…a Must See Movie for Parents EVERYWHERE

Confronting the Pressure Parents Place on the Gifted Child...I Have My Own Story!

I just watched the movie Gifted and was so blessed at the theme and the vision of the movie. What we do to our children (and grandchildren) to help us live out our own dreams (and unfulfilled destiny)! I have been blessed to raise three gifted children…when I say gifted, I mean gifted. They are […]