Pursue Your Dreams, No Matter What You Are Forced to Confront!

This quote by Walt Disney says a lot on its own…but really look “beneath” the quote and see the real essence of what is is REALLY saying!! All your dreams can come true, IF we have the courage to pursue them. That’s good but let’s look deeper…this camel is walking across a desert…many of us […]

Gifted…a Must See Movie for Parents EVERYWHERE

Confronting the Pressure Parents Place on the Gifted Child...I Have My Own Story!

I just watched the movie Gifted and was so blessed at the theme and the vision of the movie. What we do to our children (and grandchildren) to help us live out our own dreams (and unfulfilled destiny)! I have been blessed to raise three gifted children…when I say gifted, I mean gifted. They are […]

Wishing for Change…Won’t Change Things

The importance of action is critical for success

  Have you ever wished for change?  Have you ever sat back in your chair, frustrated and exhausted, and just wanted things to be different?  You may not want to admit it, but wishing that things would be different is something that you do every day.  And let’s be honest, it probably happens daily in […]

Master Your Temperament

Success will ONLY come when you do!

I had the awesome opportunity to attend 7 Days of Glory in the DMV (the District, Maryland and Virginia.) It was a week of spiritual empowerment and coaching. What a life changing week for me!  As I listened (and took copious notes) as our facilitator, Master Coach and Pastor, Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn preached, taught […]