Who is Celebrating You? Pay Close Attention!

I LOVE this!! What does it say when people don’t celebrate you? First, you can’t let it trip you up. Some would be devastated and would allow the lack of support to cripple their momentum. You know,  when you need a cheerleading or some kind of support and there is no one!  No one who wants to step up and say anything on your behalf.  The dedicated church member, who has been to the dinners and the fellowships, and has listened to all the church gossip, but won’t speak up and share the good that you have done.  What about the friend who hates that you won the award, or received the recognition and refuses to congratulate you or what is worse, won’t acknowledge that anything even happened. When things like this happen, it can cripple you.  You can get depressed and feel dejected…if you let it.

But there is a deeper meaning…it is a wake-up call for you.

To those who smile in your face yet are hoping (and praying) for your demise…you have to accept that these people really exist.  You can give them the benefit of the doubt, but the fact is they don’t want to celebrate you.

They find it really difficult to “clap when you win”. So be warned. As the meme says, “pay close attention”. What exactly does that look like to you? What kind of support are you really looking for, because if they can’t celebrate your win, it says a lot about how they celebrate you.

For me, it is a sad day when your friends, family, co-workers and peers can’t celebrate your win. We all need to be celebrated and if those around you can’t do  that…what do you really need them for?

So don’t look for it, because it is NOT coming! And that is okay. As do as King David did in the Holy Scriptures, “encourage yourself in the Lord”. (I Sam 30:6)

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