Melodie’s Books

Melodie’s Books
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 1511742232
Unleash Your Potential and Live a Life Fulfilled! What would you do, if you realized that the path before you was filled with opportunity? Would you take a chance to have a life that was more productive and fulfilling? What would you do if an opportunity to be the best you confronted you? Would you work hard to unleash the potential that was locked away on the inside? Accept the call to change and discover how to confront your fear and those negative, intimidating forces that are on assignment to STOP you from reaching personal success. Begin your journey towards a life that is more productive and fulfilled. In FEARLESS: 7 Strategies to Make the Change You Need to Unleash Your God Given Potential, you will learn key strategies and tools that give you revelation and key insight to help you make the necessary changes to unleash new dreams, ideas and solutions. Make the commitment TODAY and unleash the potential that is waiting on the inside of you. Become FEARLESS and watch God open new doors for you and catapult you into your newfound destiny.
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About the Book

A step by step guide to unleashing dreams, goals and hidden potential. This book invites you to dig deep and explore those issues that cripple you from reaching your highest potential.

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