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Rev. Melodie Boone is the Owner and CEO of Liberty Coaching and Consulting, LLC, a faith-based boutique coaching company that inspires, encourages and empowers pastors, church leaders, their spouses, budding spiritual entrepreneurs and aspiring writers (Melodie calls them “spiritual visionaries”)to birth their dreams and visions and unleash their creative potential.

Melodie  is passionate about people!  As a certified Growth, Life and Leadership Coach, Vision strategist and Lifestyle Concierge, Melodie is gifted in empowering people to initiate change, clarify vision, and achieve personal success. She knows the importance of getting people to come out of their comfort zones and it thrills her to help them do it!  As a result, clients are ready to face personal challenges and are equipped to confront those fears that often paralyze them.

Melodie is known for walking in “big shoes”, her personal trademark. When clients learn how to “walk in big shoes”, they gain the courage to tear down constraining barriers and confront personal obstacles. Clients also learn how to build their self-esteem and value their personal self- worth.  The work can be challenging but clients value the time they share with her. They willingly make the investment for their personal growth and needed change.  Melodie also empowers clients by keeping them accountable, motivated, and committed to do the work. As a result, clients embrace their often neglected dreams and birth their delayed visions. Through genuine care and authenticity, Melodie helps clients, especially spiritual leaders, navigate the journey towards spiritual, emotional and professional growth.

As an ordained minister and Assistant Pastor, she has worked over twenty years as a Church Administrator and Event Manager. A gifted teacher, motivator and life coach, she has honed her skills and passion for long range strategic planning, vision casting, ministry programming and leadership development.

She is the author of FEARLESS: Seven Strategies to Make the Change You Need to Unleash Your God Given Potential and her free eBook, The Vision Blueprint  which helps readers how to organize their goals and gain clarity with their vision. She is also the creator of the publishing workshop, So You Want to Be Published, where she mentors and instructs aspiring writers and guides them on their publishing journey.  Melodie is currently working on her new project, The Weight of Grief,  where she helps those who are grieving navigate loss.

For 33 years, Melodie has been blessed to be married to Reverend Tony D. Boone.  They are the parents of five children, Nicole, Alexandra, Brittany, Brian and Bryson.  Melodie and Tony have suffered great loss with the death of their three daughters, but have endured and survived through a strong faith and a ministry of service and restoration. She is a honors graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a certified Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching International of Virginia Beach, Virginia; a certified Growth Coach through Targeted Living Coaching and Consulting, Atlanta, GA; and a certified Life and Executive Leadership Coach through Paradigm 360 Coach Training, LLC, Charlotte, NC. Melodie was honored to be the recipient of the 2015 Coach Belin Award of Excellence for Coaching through Paradigm 360 Coaching. Melodie is the creator and host of the weekly radio show, The Spiritual Visionary Broadcast, Just Get It Done on iHeartRadio with WDRBMedia.

Belin Award

The 2015 Belin Award



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One thought on “About Melodie

  1. Hi Rev. Melodie Boone Pray all is well with you it truly was a blessing having you speak at our women’s retreat, God knows who to send when you need to hear his words and your word was such a inspiration to me and I have started reading your book and cant put it down. I was telling one of my coworker about the book she said I have to get a copy, was trying to get the blueprint subscribe to me but I didn’t know how to get it sent so am sending my information to you and when you get a chance please send the information to me. May God continue to bless you as you help others in a spiritual way. Love Sister Zelda Walker Falls Road AME Church Pastor Raymond Edmonds JR. First lady Rev. Jerri Edmonds. Thanks!