Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck in a visionary rut, where you can’t see the ordained place God has for you or your ministry? Are you struggling to move ahead, weighed down with indecision and doubt? Do you find yourself living a mundane life, living day to day, without a strategic plan or purpose?

Don’t be frustrated and don’t give up!

Melodie Boone, certified Leadership Coach, Vision Strategist and Lifestyle Concierge, will challenge you to do the work of transformation and if you commit to the work of change, you’ll achieve phenomenal results.

Melodie Coaches and Mentors…

She coaches and mentors Spiritual Visionaries (i.e., Pastors, Ministers, Church Leaders, Spouses…or even the average Church member,) in the process of how to initiate change and embrace personal growth for a more productive life.

As a result, clients will gain the clarity and confidence they need to live life with purpose so they can live the abundant life.

Melodie Inspires and Encourages Clients…

It is Melodie’s mission to inspire, encourage and empower clients to move forward by faith and walk in God’s divine purpose – but know it may take work…hard work. But she will be there with you encouraging and making sure that you stay on task…with the goal in mind.

Melodie Supports and Keeps Clients Accountable…

So it makes no difference if you struggle with a skewed vision,  an inept sense of creativity, or a difficult ministry assignment, or simply a lack of managing day-to-day choices…Melodie will support you and keep you accountable so that you can overcome each challenge that prohibits you from being productive.

Melodie has a Passion for Coaching Her Clients…

With a lifelong passion for ministry and empowering leaders, Melodie strives to effectively coach Spiritual Visionaries as they birth dreams and even help strategize their life vision.

So take a risk and consider becoming a client. No matter where you are in life or ministry, if you are ready to confront paralyzing fears and move towards your dreams and aspirations, Melodie would love to work with you.

Just wait and see…you’ll be able to release your creative potential, walk in God’s ordained path toward purpose, and accelerate to the next level in life and ministry.

So Where do you Start?

Sign up for a Discovery Session where we can explore what goals you want to accomplish. Melodie has coaching options that are designed to help you strategize and build a career, ministry…or even a successful life.  If you are ready to dig deep for an intensive coaching session, invest in our high-end services,  the VIP Day.  Whatever coaching program you choose,  they all are transformative.  Because when you commit to the work, Melodie promises that your goals and aspirations will easily be met.

For more information, contact us today.